Saturday, February 6, 2010

Learn to sing...Better!

Former Houghton College music professor, Ted Norton, has a great site filled lots of good stuff to help you sing better...joyfully and skillfully to the Lord. Heart & Voice is happy to recommend his contribution!

Here's is the outline:

1. Music Reading for Singers - Sight Singing
2. Memorizing Music
3. Rhythm
4. How Well Do I Sing? - A Checklist
5. Singing Better Thru Proper Breathing
6. Singing Better Thru Register Understanding
7. Singing Better Thru Vowel & Consonant Understanding
8. Intonation - Singing In Tune
9. Learning To Harmonize
10. Vocal Health, Warm-Ups & Singing Craft
11. Understanding Chord Members
12. Acoustics - The Science of Sound
13. Inaccurate Singing - Children & Adults
14. Chapter and Quartet Management
15. Working With Middle School Boys

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Alexander Brayden said...

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